Welcome to Game Over the biggest nightclub in Las Vegas Nevada right off the desert inn road and and across from all the hotels and casinos in Las Vegas
This extensive and greatest Las Vegas Club features the early hip hops of 2000s and r&b and the late 90s of hip hop and r&b of and r&b of 2000s. You will find many booths that are crushed velvet purple velvet booths, that you can relax and enjoy music and maybe take a puff of marijuana and have fun while having a couple drinks here with our table and or bottle service.

This 20,000 square foot Club is all you need to get your dancing shoes on and get your boogie on and get it cracking and have fun. This club will have multiple bars where you can go up and get a drink and you can bring a nice lady or a man that you find up, or after a dance go to the bar and get them a drink too as well and dance the night away and maybe get a phone number.

This club is located on proxyon and Alpha desert inn right before you go over the overpass to get to the hotels and casinos in Las Vegas.

This club will have Miami nights, Bahama nights and 80s nights 90s nights and early 2000s hip hop’s nights.

Here is what the club looks like it’s fantastic, it’s awesome and it looks phenomenal and inside it’s like walking into paradise.

Ladies drink free till 1:00 a.m. in the morning and you can have fun at the club, as the club is open till 2:30 a.m. everyday on Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday.

The club will also be opened up for UNLV basketball and UNLV football games and also some sports, as a sports club to as well and a sports bar during the day on somedays

“GameOver” in Vegas is the best club in Las Vegas!”

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